Short and effective coaching paths
Gains for the company
and for the person

With the Empowerment Coaching methodology, we can design both individual paths for the single person and team development projects.

By running the Individual Empowerment Coaching Path consisting of 6 sessions at most and over 3 months, we get a quicker turnaround on the objectives agreed and we can make a faster evaluation. During sessions of 3 to 4 hours duration we have the opportunity to explore in depth the issues that arise during the path, and have the time and space to face these issues while still delivering the core topics of the Empowerment Coaching.

Every Team Empowerment Coaching Project is tailor-made, based on the expected objectives, gleaned through specific and intense planning work which considers not only the identified needs and requirements, but also the desires and opportunities for development.

In addition to the specific development goals which, on a case-by-case basis, are identified – both for individual paths and for team development projectsfurther positive results ​​are related to the use of Empowerment Coaching methodology.

Benefits for the person, with varying focus according to the individual cases: 

  • increase in the ability to achieve and realize goals
  • more awareness in one’s capability to meet targets
  • consolidation and centering of personal-professional identity 
  • implementation of expected complex skills 
  • effectiveness and well-being, also in change processing acceleration

Benefits for the company, with different relevance depending on the case:

  • development of widespread business responsibility
  • increase in people satisfaction
  • value generation and example for the company
  • key-people motivation
  • positive impact, both direct and indirect, on business results
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