More and more

“powerful” and

“able to respond”

Nowadays, the world seeks people who are increasingly responsible (= able to respond) and powerful (= who have the possibility, the ability and the strength to have a strong impact in complex situations).

In a training context, empowerment represents both a new skill that can be developed and an innovative training methodology.

As a skill, the objective of empowerment training on two levels is:

  • to be more empowered for yourself (self-empowerment)
  • to be more empowering for others (empowering leadership)

As a methodology, we use empowerment training in two main areas:

  • professional expertise
  • complex competencies

Empowerment – both as a skill and as a methodology – allows us:

  • to design and deliver personalized training not only in a one-to-one format, but also in a group setting in which participants are coached one-by-one; 
  • to involve the “entire person” in a learning process in which he/she is stimulated to find his/her best internal resources, to mobilize his/her entire mental capacity and to be motivated not only by the learning result, but also by the meaning and the purpose of the proposed quality leap;
  • to stimulate in people the perception of the value of time dedicated to training, in which each person is treated as an individual, growing as a precious person, thus increasing the worth of his/her own value;
  • to anticipate and facilitate – also during the training activities – the transferability of learning to daily life, through a concrete link between the new content and both the individual experiences and the objectives of the professional role of each person;
  • to trigger development processes that will hold up over time, in daily life, in the experience of each person, in his/her operational relationships with others, in behaviours and consequent results.
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