Generate an alliance between the most viable and vibrant parts of the person and of the organization


It is by now undisputed that people are key elements for the success of any organization and in any field. However, at any level, specific decisions, operational choices and actions are needed to identified our people as assets and as sources of competitive edge.

Depending on the situation, areas needing strengthening and support could be: corporate culture and organizational behaviour, selection procedure, performance appraisal and development, systems of company climate and organizational well-being analysis, smart working, welfare services and so on.

That’s why it is essential to have specific know-how which is the subject matter of our expert and methodological consulting services provided to HR functions or directly to line managers.

Empowerment in consulting for organization development is beneficial for:

  • combining a person-centred approach with a systemic view of the organization and its relationship with the economic-social fabric to which it belongs and relates (local or global as it may be);
  • guiding and steering the organization towards development projects within a strategic reference framework and, at the same time, growing people on the ground;
  • defining and implementing replicable and effective solutions in response to emerging requests;
  • recognizing and valuing best practices, promoting change by addition and not by substitution;
  • focusing on existing organizational resources and designing functional action plans to make them even more powerful;
  • guaranteeing not only the maintenance of the acquired results but also the activation of the ability to independently produce further developments;
  • streamlining processes, targeting actions to results.

The relevance of this particular professional contribution becomes even more evident when used, for example, as a support by organizations to face change with minimal difficulty, also, in situations of company mergers or acquisitions in which it is obviously indispensable to build effective and generative alliances between people in everyday working life.

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