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out do your personal best

We are a team of very experienced professionals in the area of performance and trust development. We operate in all contexts where the most important factor is the result and the way that this is achieved.
Our aim is to facilitate and support the development of people and organizations through investing in and implementing our client’s strategic-operational choices: which allows our clients to play their role and win in the contexts in which they operate, improving the quality of life of all those involved.


“There is nothing so practical
as a good theory”

Our company is involved in coaching, training and organization development consulting. Our role with you is to work on the agreed goals which will help you to achieve your specific business results.

Our aim is to help your company, your team and/or you as an individual to be and to feel more effective in your activity and to be recognized as being effective by your stakeholders.

To do that we use the empowerment approach: we equip you, your team, your company with methodological, conceptual and applicable personal-professional tools.

The distinctive features of the Empowerment approach…

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Short and effective coaching paths

Gains for the company
and for the person

With the Empowerment Coaching methodology, we can design both individual paths for the single person and team development projects.

By running the Individual Empowerment Coaching Path consisting of 6 sessions at most and over 3 months, we get a quicker turnaround on the objectives agreed and we can make a faster evaluation. During sessions of 3 to 4 hours duration we have the opportunity to explore in depth the issues that arise during the path, and have the time and space to face these issues while still delivering the core topics of the Empowerment Coaching

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More and more “powerful” and “able to respond”

Nowadays, the world calls for people who are increasingly responsible (= able to respond) and powerful (= who have the possibility, the ability and the strength to have a strong impact in complex situations).

In a training context, empowerment represents both a new skill that can be developed and an innovative training methodology.

As a skill, the objective of empowerment training on two levels is:

  • to be more empowered for yourself (self-empowerment)
  • to be more empowering for others (empowering leadership)

As a methodology

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Generate an alliance between the most viable and vibrant parts of the person and of the organization

It is by now undisputed that people are key elements for the success of any organization and in any field. However, at any level, specific decisions, operational choices and actions are needed to identified our people as an asset and as a source of competitive edge.

Depending on the situation, areas needing strengthening and support could be: corporate culture and organizational behaviour, selection procedure, performance appraisal and development, systems of company climate and organizational well-being analysis, smart working, welfare services and so on.

That’s why it is essential to have…

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