There is nothing so practical as a good theory

Kurt Lewin*

Our company is involved in coaching, training and organization development consulting. Our role with you is to work on the agreed goals which will help you to achieve your specific business results.

Our aim is to help your company, your team and/or you as an individual to be and to feel more effective in your activity and to be recognized as being effective by your stakeholders.

To do that we use the empowerment approach: we equip you, your team, your company with methodological, conceptual and applicable personal-professional tools.

The distinctive features of the Empowerment approach:

  • It deals with the “entire person”, not only with a single aspect (for instance, the professional role).
  • It doesn’t ask the person to change, but just to consider brand-new possibilities to use the several and specific personal characteristics a person has.
  • It focuses on a person’s strengths (the available resources), not on weaknesses (the shortcomings).
  • It helps to move to action, more than to reflect on the reasons why a person didn’t act on those issues up until now.

*quoted in Robert Wegener, Agnes Fritze, Michael Loebbert, Coaching Entwickeln – Forschung und Praxis im Dialog, VS-Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften, Wiesbaden, 2011, p. 47

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